Assault Lawyer in Mississauga

Client charged by former spouse with DOMESTIC ASSAULT, ASSAULT WITH A WEAPON, UTTER DEATH THREATS, and FAIL TO COMPLY WITH RECONGNIZANCE. At trial, defence cross examination of former spouse revealed major inconsistencies in testimony, and established motivation to fabricate evidence to assist with child custody issues. ALL CHARGES AGAINST CLIENT DISMISSED. Brampton Provincial Court.

Client charged with ASSAULT after altercation with another participant at sporting event. After collecting witness statements to support clients defence, Crown attorney agreed with WITHDRAW CHARGE. Brampton Provincial Court.

Client facing charges of ASSAULT and FORCIBLE CONFINEMENT due to domestic incident with spouse. At trial complainant agreed during defence cross examination that the allegations were significantly embellished. Client not required to testify. Judge found client NOT GUITLY OF BOTH CHARGES. Toronto Provincial Court.

Client charged with two counts DOMESTIC ASSAULT by former spouse while going through marital separation. All charges withdrawn at trial after presentation of defence evidence revealed contradictions in complainant's testimony. Brampton Provincial Court.

Client facing charges of DOMESTIC ASSAULT and UTTER DEATH THREAT. At trial, defence cross examination of former spouse able to show internal inconsistencies with her own evidence, which lead to the judge rejecting all of her testimony. Client found NOT GUILTY of all charges. Brampton Provincial Court.

Client charged with UTTERING DEATH THREAT to fellow student on campus. Defence negotiations with Crown resulted in client's charge being WITHDRAWN. Brampton Provincial Court.

Client charged with ASSAULT PEACE OFFICER/RESISTING ARREST. Without the need for a trial, defense successfully negotiated that the charge be WITHDRAWN. Brampton Provincial Court.

In a Road Rage allegation client was acquitted of ASSAULT and ASSAULT BODILY HARM charges after defence revealed significant flaws in conduct of photo line-up during cross-examination of police and cross-examination of complainant. Toronto Provincial Court.

Client's charge of ASSAULT WITH A WEAPON withdrawn before trial as defence was able to show complainant's alleged injury from attack actually existed well before the incident. Brampton Provincial Court.

Client's charges DOMESTIC ASSAULT AND UTTERING THREATS dismissed at trial. Scarborough Provincial Court.

INTIMIDATION, ASSAULT AND FORCIBLE CONFINEMENT charges acquitted by a jury following defence cross-examination of alleged complainant. Toronto Superior Court.

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT charge acquitted before a jury after defence cross-examination of alleged eye-witness. Brampton Superior Court.

Client facing domestic charges of ASSAULT X 2, and, CRIMINAL HARASSMENT. Client acquitted of all charges after trial. Orangeville Provincial Court.

Client charged with ASSAULT WITH A WEAPON, POSSESSION OF A DANGEROUS WEAPON, and, FAIL TO COMPLY WITH RECOGNIZANCE. All charges dismissed at trial after defence able to show significant flaws with eye-witness testimony. Brampton Provincial Court.