Mr. Crothers - I can't thank you enough for winning my case. This case meant so much to me. This event changed my life and has caused me a lot of stress over the past year, but I appreciate how much you have helped with that because I know it could have been a lot worse. Thank you for answering my call when I first called. You were there when I needed help the most. Thank you Brian.

- Satisfied client

Hi Brian Ė I really canít believe my case is finally over! I am extremely impressed with the way you ran my trial. After my charges were dismissed I was sort of stunned so sorry for not saying more to you earlier. lol I have been so worried for so long and now that this is done Iím so happy that I can leave this situation behind me without any criminal record. I am so happy I found you and just want to say how much I appreciate all your hard work.

- Satisfied client

"Hi Brian

Our son has just returned from a nice vacation, instead of attending a trial...and thanks to your fine work he's got his life back without a conviction. It is very nice not to have worry about my son's situation anymore.

We have been most impressed by your legal acumen when handling his case and I'm so grateful he switched to you after experiencing the fatalistic, judgemental approach and attitude of his bail lawyer. My wife and I know that thanks to your congenial personality and reassuring words to our son he was able to handle the great stress of his situation. In addition you were always available to take a phone call or email from our son, or myself.


- Satisfied Client

"Dear Brian,

Thank you for your excellent handling and final dispatch of the case for my son this past year. I appreciate your constructive listening and lengthy attentiveness with both my son and I in our initial discussions with you.

I appreciate your ongoing and principled willingness to discuss with my son his position, his options, and his choices. Also, your willingness to have some flexibility regarding the timing of events, without escalating the billing.

Finally, I applaud your success in arriving at a much-improved negotiated settlement with the Crown Attorney's Office. With my son having previously engaged a paralegal to negotiate only a minor reduction in the charges, I was especially concerned that his chances for a further reduction would be slim. Professional negotiators such as Crown Attorneys seldom agree to two sets of concessions in a row without gaining a negotiating point of importance in between.

Yet you succeeded.

Thank you."

- a Relieved Parent