Crothers Criminal Law specializes in Attempted Murder Charges in Mississauga & Throughout the GTA.

Crothers Criminal Law defends attempted murder charges.

  • Client was acquitted of ATTEMPTED MURDER and various related FIREARM CHARGES, after Superior Court trial before a Judge alone. The Crown Prosecutor brought direct eye-witness evidence from the complainant (including photo line-up identification), and another witness who indicated client had confessed crime. However, defence cross-examination revealed serious errors in complainant’s eye-witness identification and photo line-up identification, and, multiple lies in witness testimony who allegedly heard confession. Toronto Superior Court.
  • Client charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER, POSSESSION OF FIREARM, DISCHARGING FIREARM, BREACH OF PROHIBITION ORDERS, and other charges. Conducted preliminary hearing whereby star crown witness was significantly discredited during cross examination. On the eve of trial all charges were withdrawn due to there being no reasonable prospect of conviction. Brampton Superior Court.