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Don’t miss work – Mr. Crothers will go to court for you!

Mr. Crothers will fight for your rights and has a high success rate of helping clients to avoid a permanent criminal record. Mr. Crothers will carefully review your case and take the time to fully explain to you all of your legal options, and provide his opinion as to your best choice of action.

A criminal case in the Ontario court of justice can often take up to a year to complete, and, can involve numerous court appearances in a court a law. Mr. Crothers is able to attend a majority of your court appearances upon hiring, without your personal attendance being necessary. Don’t miss work, and avoid the stress of having to personally attend court.

Hiring a lawyer can be intimidating. Mr. Crothers offers a standard ‘block fee’ billing option for most criminal cases (a one time fee which covers all legal costs for your case – start to finish). Flexible payment plans are available. Alternatively, hourly billing is available. Your peace of mind is ensured with the cost certainty that Mr. Crothers offers for each and every case.

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Experienced in a wide variety of Criminal Law

Major areas of criminal law that Mr. Crothers regularly practices in are: