Crothers Criminal Law specializes in Fraud Charges in Mississauga & Throughout the GTA.

Crothers Criminal Law defends fraud charges.

  • Client charged with PERSONATION, UTTER FORGED DOCUMENT and FRAUD OVER $5000. After lengthy negotiations with the crown, and agreement was reached were client provided restitution while admitting no wrong doing, and ALL CHARGES WITHDRAWN. Scarborough, Ontario Court of Justice.
  • Client charged with FRAUD OVER $5000 in allegation of major embezzlement from employer. At trial defence was able to use business records of employer, along with client’s testimony, to cast significant doubt on allegations. Client was found NOT GUILTY. Brampton, Ontario Court of Justice.
  • Client charged with DESTRUCTION OR FALSIFICATION OF BOOKS OR DOCUMENTS, FRAUD OVER $5000 and LAUNDERING PROCEEDS OF CRIME due to alleged work embezzlement from multinational corporation. Defence was able to pick apart frailties in the crown’s case and challenges in evidence, and through meticulous negotiations with the prosecution, the crown eventually WITHDREW ALL CHARGES. Toronto Provincial Court.
  • Client investigated by Peel Police and charged with POSSESSION OF CREDIT CARD DATA, USE STOLEN CREDIT CARD, and FRAUD OVER $5,000. Defence review of police evidence reveleaed significant flaws in prosecution case. Crown agreed to WITHDRAW ALL CHARGES against client.
  • Client, a doctor, charged with FRAUD OVER $5000 in million dollar OHIP fraud. Large scale police investigation resulted in multiple arrests. After defence review of entire police investigation, and, securing own defence evidence, defence negotiations with crown successfully able to have client’s CHARGE WITHDRAWN. Newmarket Provincial Court.
  • Client charged with UTTER FORGED DOCUMENT, POSSESSION OF PROPERTY OBTAINED BY CRIME and FRAUD OVER $5000. After thorough review of police investigation defence able to show flaws in evidence against client. Resulted in ALL CHARGES BEING WITHDRAWN. Newmarket Provincial Court.
  • After client was charged with PERJURY x 2, ATTEMPT FRAUD WITH A VALUE OVER $5000.00, USE FALSE DOCUMENT, his current job and future ability to work were in jeopardy. Despite the Crown seeking a jail sentence and criminal record, defence was able to negotiate a deal where client accepted responsibility for Attempt Fraud with a value under $5000. ALL CHARGES WERE WITHDRAWN, and the client was granted a discharge with community service from the presiding Judge. After this deal, the client had no criminal record and was able to keep his job and retain any future employment prospects. Halton Region Provincial Court.
  • POSSESSION OF INSTRUMENTS OF FORGERY, and, POSSESSION OF PROCEEDS OF CRIME charges withdrawn after defence able to show illegal police procedure due to entry into client’s home. Brampton Provincial Court.
  • Client originally charged with FRAUD OVER $5000 and facing lengthy jail sentence. Client able to resolve to lesser charge and received no criminal record. Newmarket Provincial Court.
  • Client, a postal employee, charged with THEFT OF MAIL X 2 and THEFT OF CREDIT CARD X 2. Client acquitted of all charges after defence cross examination of eye-witness RCMP investigators revealed flaws in their evidence. Toronto Provincial Court.
  • Client’s home was subject to a search warrant executed by police. Client was charged with POSSESSION OF CREDIT CARD DATA, POSSESSION OF FALSE IDENTIFICATION, FRAUDULENT USE OF CREDIT CARD DATA, FRAUD OVER $5000, POSSESS COUNTERFEIT MARK, amongst other allegations for a total of 38 criminal charges. After scheduling a trial, and filing motions to argue the exclusion of evidence, defence was able to successfully negotiate the withdrawal of all charges. Oshawa Provincial Court.
  • Client, a university student, charged with POSSESSION OF COUNTERFEIT MONEY. Crown initially seeking jail sentence if convicted. After lengthy negotiations, crown agreed with defence to withdraw charge due to no reasonable prospect of conviction. St. Catherines Provincial Court.
  • Client, a government employee, was charged with FABRICATE EVIDENCE, FRAUD OVER $5000, OBSTRUCT JUSTICE and UTTER FORGED DOCUMENT. After a lengthy trial, which included cross examination of many senior government officials, client was cleared of any wrongdoing and found not guilty of all charges. Oshawa Provincial Court.
  • Client alleged to be involved in $200k fraudulent cheque cashing scheme, and facing charges of FRAUD OVER $5000 X 5, UTTERING FORGED DOCUMENT X 4, EXPOSE COUNTERFEIT MARK, POSSESSION OF PROPERTY OBTAINED BY CRIME, and, POSSESSION OF COUNTERFEIT MONEY. After extensive Crown negotiations, all charges withdrawn on eve of trial. Toronto Provincial Court.
  • Client charged with POSSESSION OF GOVERNMENT COUNTERFEIT MARK and POSSESSION OF FRAUDULENT DOCUMENT. After lengthy negotiations, Crown agreed to withdraw all charges due to no reasonable prospect of conviction. Oshawa Provincial Court.
  • Client facing 2 counts of UTTERING FORGED DOCUMENT alleging $100,000 in loss through fraudulent cheques at casino. Defence able to subpoena substantial business records from casino to assist client for trial. Charges dismissed against client. St. Catherine’s Provincial Court.