Crothers Criminal Law specializes in Sexual Offences in Mississauga & Throughout the GTA.

Crothers Criminal Law defends sexual offences.

  • Client charged by former spouse, and mother of child, with historic domestic and sexual abuse which was alleged to have occurred over a lengthy period of time several years ago. Complainant alleged client committed a long history of abuse, as well forced her into prostitution. Client facing charges of ASSAULT WITH A WEAPON (6 counts), UTTER THREATS TO CAUSE BODILY HARM OR DEATH (3 counts), POINT FIREARM (3 counts), USE FIREARM WHILE COMMITTING DESIGNATED OFFENCE (2 counts), USE IMITATION FIREARM WHILE COMMITTING INDICTABLE OFFENCE (2 counts), PROCURE PERSON TO BECOME PROSTITUTE, AIDING & ABETTING PERSON TO CARRY ON PROSTITUTION, ASSAULT CAUSE BODILY HARM, SEXUAL ASSAULT, FORCIBLE CONFINEMENT, TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS, FINANCIAL BENEFIT FROM TRAFFICKING OF PERSONS, ROBBERY WITH FIREARM, and, EXTORTION WITH FIREARM. Defence proceeded with preliminary inquiry to obtain evidence from complainant. Defence then proceeded to trial and cross examined complainant for several days, eliciting serious inconsistencies, and, multiple lies. Client was found NOT GUILTY OF ALL 31 CHARGES after trial. Toronto, Superior Court of Justice.
  • Client charged with SEXUAL ASSAULT, INVITATION SEXUAL TOUCHING and SEXUAL INTERFERENCE by two of his daughters. In proceeding to trial, defence cross examination of both daughters revealed numerous internal inconsistencies in their evidence, as well as serious inconsistencies between their two accounts. Client testified. Client was ACQUITTED OF ALL CHARGES. Old City Hall, Ontario Court of Justice.
  • Client charged with SEXUAL ASSAULT and SEXUAL INTEFERENCE by biological daughter. Proceeded with preliminary inquiry and during cross examination of complainant defence was able to elicit significant evidence that contradicted her earlier statements to the police. After the preliminary inquiry, defence was able to provide written submissions to the crown attorney to request the charges be withdrawn before proceeding to trial. Crown ultimately agreed and ALL CHARGES WERE WITHDRAWN. Brampton, Ontario Court of Justice.
  • Client charged with SEXUAL ASSAULT after dispute with family friend. After receiving disclosure defence was able to outline significant credibility issues with the complainant’s statement to police. Crown agreed with WITHDRAW charge. Scarborough, Ontario Court of Justice.
  • Client charged with SEXUAL ASSAULT and FORCIBLE CONFINEMENT by acquaintance after date. Defence was able to obtain expert report on surveillance video, as well as secure 3rd party witnesses who significantly affected the credibility of the complainant. After extensive discussions and multiple meetings with the prosecutor, all charges were eventually WITHDRAWN, before proceeding to trial. Milton Provincial Court.
  • Client charged with SEXUAL ASSAULT, SEXUAL INTERFERENCE and INVITATION TO TOUCH FOR SEXUAL PURPOSE by member of family. At preliminary inquiry defence cross examination of complainant revealed numerous inconsistencies and outright lies. Crown attorney WITHDREW ALL CHARGES before proceeding to trial. Peterborough Provincial Court.
  • Client charged with SEXUAL ASSAULT from alleged work place incident several years prior. After careful negotiations with the Crown attorney, charge against client WITHDRAWN. Orangeville Provincial Court.
  • Client charged with three counts of SEXUAL ASSAULT and six counts of UTTER DEATH THREAT by former spouse while going through marital separation. Defence cross examination of complainant revealed serious flaws in testimony. Client not required to testify. Client found NOT GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES. Brampton Superior Court.
  • Client facing charges of SEXAUL INTERFERENCE and SEXUAL ASSAULT. At trial crown agreed with defence that inconsistencies with complainant’s evidence showed reasonable doubt. BOTH CHARGES WITHDRAWN at the request of the crown. Brampton Provincial Court.
  • Client charged with SEXUAL ASSAULT. After investigation into complainant’s conduct after allegation, and, presentation to crown of complainant’s online/internet communications, crown agreed to withdraw charge against client. Toronto Provincial Youth Court.
  • Client charged with INVITATION TO SEXUAL TOUCHING, SEXUAL ASSAULT, SEXUAL EXPLOITATION and SEXUAL INTERFERENCE. At client’s preliminary inquiry, reached agreement with crown that client would plead guilty to one count of Invitation to Sexual Touching. All other charges withdrawn. Crown sought 4 year prison sentence. After detailed presentation of evidence at client’s sentencing hearing, defence argument granted and client sentenced to 18 months of house arrest. Brampton Provincial Court.
  • Client charged with GANG SEXUAL ASSAULT, ASSAULT, and FORCIBLE CONFINEMENT. At trial, client acquitted of all charges after careful cross examination of crown witnesses, including complainant. Brampton Provincial Youth Court.
  • Client’s charged with SEXUAL ASSAULT X 3, INVITATION TO SEXUAL TOUCHING X 3 and CRIMINAL HARASSMENT by three different complainants. All charges dismissed at trial after presentation of multiple witnesses for defence who substantiated significant discrepancies of complainants’ testimony. Scarborough Provincial Court.
  • Client charged with SEXUAL ASSAULT, SEXUAL INTERFERENCE and INVITATION TO SEXUAL TOUCHING. Allegations from complainant were of historic nature alleged to have occurred over 10 years ago. Defence able to successfully negotiate resolution to case whereby all charges were withdrawn against client. Hamilton Provincial Court.
  • Client charged with 3 count of SEXUAL INTERFERENCE, THREATENING BODILY HARM, 2 counts of THREATENING DEATH, and ASSAULT. Defence able to expose major flaws in complainant’s evidence and client found NOT GUILTY of all charges. Scarborough Provincial Court.